Book missing from python line-up?

Nick Bower N.Bower at
Thu May 25 01:27:15 EDT 2000

I colleague the other day, who was familiar with various procedural
languages said:

"I want to learn OOP.  Can you recommend a book (and language)?"

Both of us are scientists, and my bias is Python in preference to Java.
But when thinking about it, it seemed to me that Python may not be the
best choice because it isn't obvious that there is a good book available
that teaches OOP from a basic through to advanced level with good
examples.  Java however has a selection now, and it seems that if you
want to really learn more than just basic concepts in OOP then Java is
the language to go with.  Although I have Programming Python, which
contains some examples, I'm not so fond of recommending it.

If one of Python's goals is to be a good teaching language, shouldn't
there be a book about OOP using Python, rather than the current books on
Python with only chapters on OOP?

What do other people think about this?  Am I wrong in thinking there is
nothing available?

FYI - I'm thinking of picking up Bruce Eskil's "Thinking in Java" for
myself, but wish there was something comparable in Python.


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