Why Python needs Evangelizing

Dana Booth dana at mmi.oz.net
Thu May 11 11:51:30 EDT 2000

jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com wrote:

jsmdc: That's why Python is even more important, and
jsmdc: absolutely essential to me. I NEED Python very
jsmdc: badly, and so does the seemingly endless throng of
jsmdc: mediocre coders. Most of us will never transcend
jsmdc: our own feeble limits, but Guido gave us a tool
jsmdc: that let's us get stuff done anyhow. It's really
jsmdc: just as simple as that.

And so there we have our dilemma... A shockingly honest article that also
very well describes me. Sure, the users at my plant think it's great, I can
make these things do just about anything, but what they don't see is me, at
home, with reference books on my lap, logged into work and putting in a lot
of time and stumbling through things that top notch coders would laugh at.
The point is, I have these tools, Python and TCL in particular, and I don't
mind that they're obscure to the masses, because right now, I have virtually
no compitition where I am. I know my limitations... On the one hand, it's
nice to see active development, and on the other, it's like my own little

It's similar to where I live in the northwest. No matter what it looks like
outside, we always tell people it's raining. :)

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