Jpython and Forte for Java

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Fri May 26 00:41:17 EDT 2000

Please excuse the naiveté of these questions...
I am embarking upon a new project that needs to run on both Win32 and
FreeBSD Unix.  I am coming from a Visual Basic environment where I have
grown shallow and lazy.  as such, I am interested in using an IDE that will
help me design a quick and easy interface.
The one I have found, that I am smitten with, (and is far) is
Forte for Java.  What I am proposing to do is to use Forte to create the
interface, and use Jpython to write the code.  Is this really possible? and
does anyone have a suggestion for another way?
also, are there any book recommends to help me get up to speed with Jpython
as opposed to Python proper?


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