First different char in two strings?

Darrell Gallion dgallion1 at
Tue May 23 19:00:53 CEST 2000

Emile wrote:
>Ah, but with only a minor mod, time it again: ;-)
>a = "abc"*
>b = a[:-1]+'l'
>for i in range(len(a)-1,0,-1):
>  if b[i] != a[i]:
>    break
>print i
I missed the meaning of the ";-)" 
Then didn't read close enough the
But your absolutely correct

Unexpectedly the binary search still wins.
Change "range" to "xrange" and it becomes faster.
0.00999999046326 sec Reverse linear
0.0900000333786 sec Binary search

But the strings have to be the same length.

--Darrell Gallion 

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