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>: I am writing a python script that through the
>: os.system command calls VSS and imports the files
>: over. I then run
>: os.system('dir /s >> myfile.txt')
>: I want to be able to read in the contents of the
>: file one line at a time and execute some command
>: on it.  My problem is when the file is something
>: like C:\program files\python\temporary   Python
>: reads it as c:\program files\python\011emporary
>: I am getting tripped up by the \t switch.  I
>: cannot at this point and time run string.replace
>: because it has already been converted over.  Any
>: ideas how I can read the string in correctly?  I
>: have explored the glob module and it would seem
>: very cumbersome to try and cover this.  Is there
>: an easier way to read in the contents of my file
>: and have them import correctly?

How do you open and read your file?

open(filename,"r").read() to get all the file in a whole blok.
open(filename,"r").readlines() to get all the file in a list of lines.

Normally read and readlines may not interpret \ escape sequences.



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