IDEs, ID or EGO? (was: Decimals -> Fraction strings, my solution

Brett g Porter BgPorter at
Wed May 17 15:49:45 CEST 2000

"Courageous" <jkraska1 at> wrote in message
news:39221911.C3FB9056 at
> Ironically, I'm in Visual Studio right now using GVIM. This
> works fine. You just get this annoying "the file such-n-such
> has changed, would you like to load it?" every time you context-
> switch. All you do is hit return and it goes away. Very easy
> to tolerate for the pleasure of using the World's Greatest
> Editor (tm).
How 'bout this instead:
Tools | Options...
On the Edit tab, in the 'Save options' group box, check the option for
'Automatic reload of externally modified files'

(*poof*) annoyance gone...

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