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Mon May 15 11:31:50 EDT 2000

"Neil Hodgson" <neilh at> wrote:

>    I'd better put a Scintilla anti-advertisement here. The TK text widget is
> more general and is better suited for use as a word processor or similar.
> Scintilla (and the wx version "wxStyledTextCtrl") is focussed on editing
> source code text. The main limitations compared to TK are:
>         All lines same height
>         No word wrap or character wrap
>         No inclusions (images or widgets)

True, however you failed to mention the reasons to use Scintilla for
source code editing such as:

		Tooltip help for function arguments
		Selection box choices for members, enums, etc.

Essentially Scintilla's recipie seems to have been: Take a rich text
widget, remove things that are not useful for source text, add all the
neat things in the latest VB editor.  Then port to Linux...
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