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Jaap Spies j.spies at
Tue May 30 18:16:56 EDT 2000

Guido van Rossum schreef:
> To all Python users and developers:
> Python is growing rapidly.  In order to take it to the next level,
> I've moved with my core development group to a new employer,
> is a startup company with a focus on open
> source communities, and an interest in facilitating next generation
> application development.  It is a natural fit for Python.
> At I am the director of a new development team named
> PythonLabs.  The team includes three of my former colleagues at CNRI:
> Fred Drake, Jeremy Hylton, and Barry Warsaw.  Another familiar face
> will joins us shortly: Tim Peters.  We have our own website
> ( where you can read more about us, our plans and
> our activities.  We've also posted a FAQ there specifically about
> PythonLabs, our transition to, and what it means for the
> Python community.
> What will change, and what will stay the same? First of all, Python
> will remain Open Source.  In fact, everything we produce at PythonLabs
> will be released with an Open Source license.  Also,
> will remain the number one website for the Python community.  CNRI
> will continue to host it, and we'll maintain it as a community
> project.
> What changes is how much time we have for Python.  Previously, Python
> was a hobby or side project, which had to compete with our day jobs;
> at we will be focused full time on Python development! This
> means that we'll be able to spend much more time on exciting new
> projects like Python 3000.  We'll also get support for website
> management from's professional web developers, and we'll
> work with their marketing department.
> Marketing for Python, you ask? Sure, why not! We want to grow the size
> of the Python user and developer community at an even faster pace than
> today.  This should benefit everyone: the larger the community, the
> more resources will be available to all, and the easier it will be to
> find Python expertise when you need it.  We're also planning to make
> commercial offerings (within the Open Source guidelines!) to help
> Python find its way into the hands of more programmers, especially in
> large enterprises where adoption is still lagging.
> There's one piece of bad news: Python 1.6 won't be released by June
> 1st.  There's simply too much left to be done.  We promise that we'll
> get it out of the door as soon as possible.  By the way, Python 1.6
> will be the last release from CNRI; after that, we'll issue Python
> releases from
> Oh, and to top it all off, I'm going on vacation.  I'm getting married
> and will be relaxing on my honeymoon.  For all questions about
> PythonLabs, write to pythonlabs-info at
> --Guido van Rossum (home page:

Congratulations!!  Gefeliciteerd!!

Jaap Spies

>From B to ABC to Python, this seems to be a great marriage!

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