Triple quote problem in Pythonwin

dej 00000475ATno-idDOTCOM
Mon May 29 21:26:38 EDT 2000

I have searched for an answer to my problem to no avail. It is so
basic that there must be an easy answer so forgive me if I'm asking a
silly question...

I am following Alan Gauld's tutorial but have come across a problem
with triple quotes in Pythonwin build 125. For example, the following
results in a "SyntaxError: invalid token" in Pythonwin:


or if I type in:

"""Here is a very long string that can
if we wish span several...

I get the "SyntaxError: invalid token" as well.

Can someone explain what is wrong here? I am running Win98 Japanese
version but I don't think the problem is related to the OS. I do not
have any problems with triple quotes in IDLE...

Thank you in advance,

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