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Fri May 19 23:04:28 EDT 2000

 I have a  tuner that clips onto the head of my guitar, and I love it. It
works by vibration. I found it accidentally at The Sharper Image(!). I've
never seen it in their catlogue, though. It cost twenty bucks, and set it to
tune to whatever note you put into it. I've only seen this one, but it is
(or was) made by a company called Onboard Research Corporation. Maybe
Sharper Image could tell you more about it. If you can find one, they are

                                             The Lost Dog

Laurent Duperval <lduperval at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I'm looking for a guitar tuning program program that will work like one of
> those electroning tuner things: you hit a string and it tells you if your
> string is flat, sharp or on the money. I have one already but it won't let
> me do proper pitch tuning: I want to be able to to tune my guitar half a
> tone (or more) higher or lower (i.e. move E to Eb or F). Can anyone
> recommend a utility of some sort that will let me do this? Here are my
> requirements:
> - Has to work on Intel-Linux. If it's a Windows program, I'm not
> interested unless the source code comes with it
> - No tuning by ear, please! I can figure out how to do that on my own but
> I'm not any good at it. I want to stick my PC's mic in front of the
> strings and then use the tool like I would my electroninc tuner
> - Preferably not a Xforms- or Qt-based program. I prefer Tk or tkInter or
> C w/ X11. Binaries are acceptable also, provided I can get them from a
> site
> Thanks,
> Laurent

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