ANNOUNCE: Python CVS tree moved to SourceForge

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Tue May 23 07:01:28 CEST 2000

Christopher Browne wrote:

> It concerns me somewhat, from the perspective of the one site
> representing a "physical vulnerability."
> Thus, "if an asteroid struck VA Linux Systems' offices," a whole lot
> of data could be lost.
> I have no reason to assume/attribute nefarious intent here, but there
> are lots of bad things that could happen, of varying likelihood:
> - The asteroid/meteor theory :-).
> - Earthquake (California has them sometimes).
> - Someone does something that proves horribly illegal, let's say,
>   using a SourceForge directory to store "kiddy porn," and, the
>   ever-interested FBI storms the building and seizes equipment.
> - Power outage
> - Lightning strike
> - MPAA decides that GZIP infringes on their right to control copyright
>   of movies, and sends the LAPD in to destroy this infringement.
> ... the list goes on ...
> The point here is that due to no fault of LNUX, SourceForge could
> become unavailable.

Well, from a physical standpoint the situation is less worrisome than
you make it out to be.

>From the sourceforge FAQ:

What is your backup strategy? 

    We perform a full backup of all site and project data daily, and
rotate backups off-site weekly through a large company that specializes
in storing backup tapes. We also have access to a fireproof safe for
storage of daily tapes. 
    The exception to this rotation is the mega-file-server, which cannot
be fully backed up (when full) by less than 3425GB AIT tapes (our medium
of choice). It gets a full backup once per month and incrementals


Paul Magwene
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