stdin, stdout

A[r]TA arta at
Mon May 29 19:00:52 CEST 2000


I want to write an own INPUT-module.
But not like the raw_input(). It has to be something like that, but
it is not allowed to stop de continue streams of data.
I want it, so I can write commands easily while my server is online.
If you do it with raw_input() then the won't continue
till you hit enter. And that isn't the purpose.
In the Python-docs the stdin and stdout -modules are mentioned.
Because they're taking care from the print and raw_input().
If I could modify them! But that isn't possible, 'cause I don't have
the source from the sys-module.

(Maybe, it's possible if there's something in Python like in BASIC
   : the LOCATE-command. You just put the cursor somewhere and there
  it'll print.)


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