help installing wxPython

Robin Becker robin at
Thu May 4 20:15:21 CEST 2000

In article <39119A7F.B6FE8B0B at>, Enrique Castro
<ecastro at> writes
If this is 2.1.15 I had the same problem with my system. You need to get
your system upgraded to use the ws2_32.dll I believe an upgrade is
available from

I upgraded and found a problem related to the outdated version of
msvcrt.dll installed by this upgrade. Luckily it makes a backup in
windows\ws2backup and I was able to copy the previous (actually newer
version) msvcrt.dll back to c:\windows\system\ (I think I had to do this
in safe mode though). Altogether a pain. I don't know whether it's
wxPython's compile or the original wxWindows build which causes this
nonsense. Python certainly doesn't need winsock2 so I guess this is an
avoidable blunder.
Robin Becker

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