Newbie Question: "How can I sort the dictionary by values() instead of keys()?"

Jae-Min Shin shinj at
Wed May 17 00:35:57 CEST 2000

Hi, I am learning python.

In  python book (Quick Python Book), I found that sorting a dictionary
according to keys() can be done by converting it into a list, as shown
below.. But, I don't know how to sort it by values:

import string
dic = {}
fp = open("test.txt", 'r')  ### simple text file, for example.
while 1:
    line = fp.readline()
    if line == '':
    line = line[:-1]    # remove '\n'
    words = string.split(line)
    for word in words:
        dic[word] = dic.get(word, 0) + 1   #0 for new word..

dic_ordered = domain.items()    # convert into list for sorting.
dic_ordered.sort()        #### sorting by dic.key()

for word in dic_ordered:
    print word[0], " was found ", word[1], "times"
print "Total ", len(dic_ordered), " words!!"


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