UDP recvfrom seems to report local not remote address (bug, f luke , documentation error)

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Mon May 22 12:30:36 EDT 2000

Scratch that.  Made a typo and was short-circuiting around the whole socket

Apologies for the mess-up.

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Subject: UDP recvfrom seems to report local not remote address (bug,
fluke , documentation error)

Just noticed something strange with a prototype module I've been building.
recvfrom with UDP sockets (in particular, on local host) seems to return
(message, receivingaddress)  instead of (message, sendingaddress).  This
isn't a huge problem, as I was planning on using channel identifiers and
message counts anyway, but there seems to be something wrong, in my
understanding, in the operation of the localhost connections, in the
operation of recvfrom, or in the documentation for recvfrom.

Any ideas?  Script showing the strange operation is attached.  If I
understand things correctly, the RECV lines should be printing RECV ("",
9000) length, not RECV ("", 8550) length.
Enjoy yourselves,

 Mike C. Fletcher
 Designer, VR Plumber

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