case sensitivity and XML

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Sun May 21 07:09:24 EDT 2000

Michal Wallace (sabren) wrote:
> 11. Given the above, a case-insensitive python cannot parse all
>     XML documents.

Q: does __dict__ has to be the same kind of dictionary as you use to
store XML attributes?  Q: does all *existing* Python implementations
use the same dictionary type for namespaces and user dictionaries?

> Does anyone disagree with the conclusion in line 4? Can we have a case
> insensitive Python without case-insensitive string comparisons?

Q: does *namespace* lookups have to use the standard string comparision

> Another argument has to do with Java. In java, X and x are different. What
> does that mean for a case insensitive JPython? That we can only script
> SOME java objects reliably?

Q: can you think of any *other* environment that has the same problem?
Q: how does Visual Basic talk to Java or C++ components over COM?  Q: how
does PythonWin talk to Visual Basic components? Q: how does SAMBA solve
the problem with a case-sensitive server and case-insensitive clients?  etc.


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