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Tue May 9 14:43:55 EDT 2000

snowzone5 at hotmail.com (tony summerfelt) wrote in
<slrn8hdj3i.47b.tsummerfelt1 at co146453-a.kico1.on.wave.home.com>: 
>i think something like the following is pretty hard to beat:
>open(in,$ARGV[0]) || die("can't open $ARGV[0]");
>open(out,">$ARGV[1]) || die("can't open $ARGV[1]);
>while (<in>)
>  unless($i,{$_}++) {push(@uniq,$_);}
>print out (sort(@uniq));

I can beat it in perl :^) (printing to stdout)

perl -e '$c{$_}++ while <>; print sort(keys %c)'

Of course, that exploits a host of perl niceties:
Iterating over lines of a file, default filehandle 
iterating over @ARGV, undefined hash elements equal
to zero, postfix while, semicolon unnecessary on 
the last statement...


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