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Thomas Wouters thomas at
Fri May 26 13:59:57 CEST 2000

On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 10:57:44AM +0200, Boris Borcic wrote:

> > If you really care
> > about posting code that remains readable and usable, attach your code
> > seperately, as a text/plain attachment. Most news and mailreaders

> Note that MS Outlook of ILOVEYOU fame, ascribes itself the freedom
> to concatenate all text/plain attachments to the body of your message,
> throwing away file names. 

When posting, or reading ? We happen to have a colleague here that actually
*uses* Outlook, and is really fairly happy about it. (Note: he has enough
clue to tune the whole thing to his (security) needs.) According to him,
Outlook does show it all at once, but you can see attachments seperately,
and save them seperately, by clicking on some icon or other (a paperclip or
something like that ? ;-P) I'm not sure what happens when you try to attach
text/plain attachments.

As for Microsoft following standards, Eric Allman gave a (quite enjoyable)
speech on the history and future of sendmail, at the SANE2000 conference
yesterday, and said that 'a company with more laywers than Sendmail, inc.',
told him, after he complained about their mailserver product(s) not
following the standard, "We do not follow standards, we make standards.".

I dont know wether that was Microsoft or not, but it certainly applies :-)

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