Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not? (was Re: Damnation!)

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Thu May 25 18:16:33 EDT 2000

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Blake Winton <bwinton at> wrote:
>On Mon, 22 May 2000 15:30:21 +1200, Greg Ewing wrote:
>>Neil Hodgson wrote:
>>>    While I /know/ that Unix file names are case sensitive, that doesn't stop
>>> me from mistyping them. This is something Windows and Macintosh do right -
>>> removing a cause of error for no real limitation in functionality.
>>The Macintosh solution to the problem of mistyped file names
>>is not to require users to type file names at all, other than
>>when creating the file. That has nothing to do with case
>Aha!  Perfect!  We should re-write IDLE, so that for any given variable,
>you only type it once, and then whenever you want to use it after that,
>you click and drag it to the appropriate place!  Genius!  ;)

Or include the excellent feature in Vim which completes words or lines
using existing occurrences in the same file or in a user defined
dictionary. A decent Unix shell does completion for filenames too, of

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