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Mon May 22 13:31:07 EDT 2000

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> That's another thing that AppleScript does (or did; I'm not sure if it's
> still supported) -- Dialects. I could write a program using the English
> Dialect, then change to the Japanese Dialect and all the keywords and 
> syntax
> structure would be magically translated (in 2-byte SJIS, of course; not a
> big leap to Unicode). Very cool.

The AppleScript dialects are no longer supported.  The key to them was 
that source code was not saved in a saved script, but regenerated from 
the compiled script each time an editor wanted to present the source.  
It was thus rather easy to regenerate in a different "dialect".

Source code still isn't saved (although the comments are).

But not easy enough:  the French dialect didn't work terribly well (I 
lack knowledge to have tried the Japanese), and Apple found that the 
typical users in Japan and France were using the English dialect.  So 
they abandoned the idea (somewhat after abandoning the "C" dialect which 
never saw the light of day).

   --John (who is sorry he brought it up)

John W. Baxter   Port Ludlow, WA USA  jwbnews at

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