Using Python on Win2000Server under IIS5 question

Ulf Engstrøm ulf.engstrom at
Thu May 18 10:02:00 EDT 2000

I've been working on several computers with win2k server and advanced server
and I've never gotten any problems of that kind. What kind of script are you
using? Do you mind sending me a sample or post something small on the list
and I'll see what I can do.

Grant Munsey:
> I have gotten to the point that I can fire off a python script
> under IIS5 on win2k server but after the script completes
> the Python (1.5.2) interpreter abends with an illegal memory
> reference. Python code seems to run fine ... just when the
> engine exits. I tried ending the script with sys.exit(0) but no luck.
> Anyone else had this happen ... suggestions on how to move
> forward?
> I fire off the python interpreter with <fullpath>\python.exe -u %s %s
> and this is hooked to the .cgi extension in the scripts directory of
> the IIS installation.

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