Chuck Esterbrook echuck at
Thu May 11 18:17:16 CEST 2000

Warren Postma wrote:
> >  I have searched, but unfortunatelly i didin't find anything
> about
> > a newsgruop, but a lot of mail-box-filling-out-mailing-lists.
> Newsgroups are usually preferable, however if that is not possible, you can
> always
> avoid the Mailbox Filling aspects of mailing lists by:
> 1. Signing up for the digest version. then you get 1 message a day maximum
> 2. Get another free email account and use it only for the mailing list.  Use
> or something similar. when you want to read that mailing
> list, log into your free web mail account. also allows you to
> download using pop3 and upload with smtp.
> Warren

3. Use a filter to send incoming messages from the list to a different mailbox. Look at that mailbox at your convenience.

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