translating Perl Cookbook?

steven2 at steven2 at
Mon May 22 21:43:08 CEST 2000


Just  wondering  if  anybody  is interested in translating the recipes
(and  as  much as the other code snippets) from The Perl Cookbook into

I  understand  that  some  code will not translate smoothly or produce
"optimal"  Python  code,  but  the purpose is to help people with Perl
background  to  learn and master Python faster -- as they will tend to
expect  Python  to  be  able  to  do many of the tasks they previously
accomplish using Perl. A greater proportion of the recipes in the Perl
Cookbook  is  not  about Perl syntax, but about doing common tasks, so
perhaps we should concentrate on those parts first.

I hope this will be a fun project; being a Perl coder and currently in
the Python learning curve, I thought that working on this project will
be a great way to learn Python for me.  :-)

If there is enough interest, I will setup an account at SourceForge to
host this project so that people can contribute code.

Steven Haryanto

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