Stackless/microthreads merge news

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at
Sat May 6 13:26:35 EDT 2000

Christian Tismer <tismer at> writes:

> Well, I got the Kaffe sources. This was easy.

Yay open source!  Kaffe is really quite nice.  I hear they've even
fixed the lack of BigDecimal, etc...

> Now I'm trying to get the Blackdown Sources, since I'd like to read
> the green threads implementation.  These should be sitting in some
> patches, I think.  Whether I'll work on either of them is still
> open, but I want to read them.

I'd recommend against reading them.  They will make your brain dirty,
in two ways: you will have to look at Sun source code (green_threads
was not implemented by blackdown) and you will end up being unsuitable
for cleanroom efforts such as Kaffe and Classpath.

> Searching since hours, I cannot find their patches, just all the
> mirrors with binaries.  Does anybody have an idea where to get them?

Yes.  Sign an NDA with Sun and I'm sure they'll be happy to give them
to you.  If you're not on the blackdown team, you can't get the code
which they have written, because Sun owns it under NDA.

> ciao - chris

I don't think I will have any success with convincing you not to do
this, but PLEASE consider doing something other than working on Java,
especially Sun's Java.  Java-the-language is really just dumb (no
function pointers, no macros, no closures ...) and java-the-platform
is so non-functional it's a wonder anyone uses it at all.

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