win95, python, test_socket...crash

Aleksey Kishkin ax at
Mon May 29 22:22:09 CEST 2000

Harry George wrote:
> [I looked in dejanews, but all the socket queries are way beyond where
> I'm stuck.]
> I have a win95 machine which is samba'd to a linux box.  I'm trying to
> learn to do python on win95 (COM et al).  First step is to get it
> running.  py152.exe went ok; then win32all-128.exe.  python,
> pythonwin, icons in the explorer all ok.  Able to edit and run simple
> hello, worlds.
> Then in the interpreter I tried:
>   import test.autotest
> It ran ok (with lots of skipped optionals), but test_socket crashed
> with socket.error "host not found"

I had the same error. As far as I understood my  computer didn't know
about his name.. ;-) I made the  file "c:\windows\hosts" , that
contained one row: localhost

and after reboot all worked fine..
> Of course this could be a non-python win95 setup issue, but with
> tcp/ip running ok (samba, ftp, ping, etc.), I'm wondering if there is
> a python-specific issue.  Any ideas?
> --
> Harry George
> hgg9140 at

Alexei Kichkine (

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