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Mon May 15 08:07:01 CEST 2000

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HD: I would just like to know how serious python is taken in the IT industry and
HD: how it compares to something like Java.

Larger companies probably do not take Python seriously. In the industry,
though, small, faster moving companies can have an advantage. I work at a
mid-sized manufacturing plant, and we're given the freedom to use whatever
we like, as long as the plant keeps working. :) We use OpenBSD servers
running MySQL and Samba. Shell, Perl, and Python scripting drives
everything, and the Windows users are connecting using TCL/TK apps. We do
lots of things that many plants our size do not do, or spend a lot of money

That being said, it's been my experience that Python is easier to use than
Java. While I use Perl for small text parsing scripts, I've found Python to
be very well suited for creating even semi-large programs. Like many, I was
excited about Java a few years ago, but found it to be a bit cumbersome for
the small to medium sized apps that we needed to create. I especially don't
like the I/O in Java.

Anyway, it's all in what you can get away with. If you work for a large,
stuffy company that frowns on everything except Microsoft J++ and Visual
Studio, tell them they have my condolences! :)


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