Discrepency between JPython and CPython

Robert Robert at nospam.edu
Mon May 1 09:47:47 EDT 2000

Well a complier can't lie since it is an inanimate object and only does what
someone programs it to do.

Suffice is to say since JPython is totally rewritten using Java it has
slightly different results sometimes.

Go here:  http://www.jpython.org/docs/differences.html

It explains most of what you want to know...


"Alex" <cut_me_out at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:etd66sy77yz.fsf at w20-575-109.mit.edu...
> > No...this is just yet another instance of CPython (less than 1.6)
> > lying about the value of floats.  Since 1.14 is not precise, 1.14 *
> > 200 can't be...yet the interpreter lies (by rounding off) and pretends
> > that it is.
> Oh, OK.  Thanks.
> Alex.

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