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John Leach bbosware at
Tue May 9 11:54:20 CEST 2000

Zope sounds to be exactly what you require.
I'd recommend the zope how-to on building a searchable jobs database as
being the closest to what you require.
(no SQL needed).
John Leach

Paul Winkler wrote in message <39172101.79DF206C at>...
>I need advice and/or working code for putting together a
>user-maintained web-based database. Something very much akin to the
>Vaults of Parnassus - code for which is NOT available... I asked.
>:-(  Tim-o'-the-Vaults said his code is so messy that he doesn't
>want to release it and he thinks it would take me less time to write
>my own.
>I want my database to be:
>--browsable by categories
>--up and running with a minimum of work (yeah right).
>--have a web interface for users to add/update entries without my
>I've searched the vaults for online CGI database systems, and
>haven't found anything ready-made in python, though I do see a lot
>of tools I could make use of...
>Another good example of the kind of thing I wantt to do is at
> but the author of that site says,
>again, his code is a mess. Plus it's written in Perl, not my first
>What about Zope? Is there Zope code to do this kind of thing? If so,
>are there any zope hosts who will provide free hosting for a project
>like this?
>I notice that both Parnassus and the linux game tome use an SQL
>server as the back-end and have a web interface to that. This would
>slow me down a bit since I don't know SQL and would have to learn it
>first! I'm wondering if that's really necessary for a database of
>about 1000 items (currently growing maybe 3% per month) that doesn't
>change very much (probably only a few updates or additions per day).
>Couldn't I just make a class for database entries, and pickle them?
>Will this be enormously slower to search and access? Will it run
>like a dog if the database swells to 10,000 items? What if I
>generate static HTML pages from the database, and only use CGI for
>updating the database, and regenerate the html files when changes
>are entered? This would reduce the speed requirements for the
>database engine, and could make browsing faster for the user since
>pages could be cached by the browser. Also it would  simplify
>mirroring the site.
>The site I want to use this for is at and
>is currently maintained by hand, by the heroic Dave Phillips.
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