Stackless/microthreads merge news

Will Ware wware at
Sat May 6 13:03:00 EDT 2000

Christian Tismer (tismer at wrote:
> Well, I got the Kaffe sources. This was easy.

> Now I'm trying to get the Blackdown Sources...

I found something about building Blackdown from source at:
near section 8.4. There is some distubing talk of license
restrictions at:
in particular, this applies to both Sun and Blackdown:

"Modified source code cannot be distributed without the express written
permission of Sun"

The argument that you would be spoiled for clean-room work is also an
important one. I don't know exactly how the legalities play out, but it
would be a shame if looking at Blackdown source made you unable to share
your work on Kaffe. I originally mentioned Blackdown under the mistaken
impression that it was also open-source, apparently this isn't true.
Sticking with Kaffe looks best, at least for now. Let somebody else ruin
their clean-room status.
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