Generating combinations with repetitions

Charles Boncelet boncelet at
Fri May 5 02:39:25 CEST 2000

Tomaz Ficko wrote:

> This is not quite what I meant. I want it to generate combinations not
> variations, order of the elements is irrelevant.
> Example: 121 is equal to 211 or 112.
> Anyway thanks.
> Tomaz

Here is a slight variation to the combinations algorithm I posted a
couple of weeks ago, now as a Class:

class Combinations(UserList):
    """list of combinations of k items taken from n. If repetition=1,
    then repetitions are allowed. I.e., [1,2,2,3] is one of the
    combinations generated by Combinations(5,4,repetition=1).  """
    def __init__(self,n,k=None, repetition=0):
        if k == None:
            k = n
        if k == 0:
            l = []
            l = []
            for i in range(n):
            for i in range(k-1):
                li = []
                for p in l:
                    if repetition:
                        for m in range(p[-1],n):
                        for m in range(p[-1]+1,n):
                l = li

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