newbie can't get html grab script to run..pls help!!

Jason it at
Thu May 4 11:08:13 EDT 2000

hi all
at the end of this post is a letter i sent to the BeOS newsgroup to get 
an answer to my question...a very kind bloke sent back a script and told 
me i should use python.....
###start script

import httplib

db = httplib.HTTP("")
id_list = range(40)
for id in id_list:
	db.putrequest("GET", "/club_details.sps?id=%d" % id)
	errcode, errmsg, headers = db.getreply()
	f = db.getfile()
	data =
	outfile = open("%d.html" % id, "w")

### script done i was on my windows laptop i downloaded the windows version and 
installed this is where i get in trouble!
i cannot for the life of my figure out how to run this script..can 
someone pls help!
i went to heaps of online sites to try to find out stuff but no of the suggestions was that i had to do this at a dos prompt
PATH=%PATH%;"C:\Program Files\Python" 
but all i get is a Too Many Parameters error!
i know php/c++/html/sql but this is driving me crazy!
all i want to do is to grab a few pages off a website and save them to 
this is one of a series of the pages i want to grab....only the id number 
changes..i want the first 40 ids.
i have also tried rebol ( which was great but didn't want 
to work for this example...?!

many thanks
> i remember seeing a script on benews that queried a site for it's news 
> headlines and saved them to a .html file for use on a website.....but...
> what i need to do, is to query a website database and grab out particular 
> entries (about 40)
> the site is done in asp and the database is queried by an id number when 
> you click on the rather than clicking on 40 different links and 
> saving each as a web page, i would like to have a script go to the web page 
> and then just move thru the id numbers that would be stated in the script 
> and just save those pages as .html files
> the only thing that changes on each web page is the id number at the end 
> and i think they have about 2000 listings but i only need a few...
> i hope i haven't rambled on too much.....i probably could have done it 
> manually by the end of this email...anyway..good to learn more scripting!!
> can someone pls help me
> many thanks
> Jason Savidge
> IT Manager
> One Stop Entertainment
> Brisbane Australia

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