database choice. (gadfly?)

Robert rhicks at
Wed May 17 17:42:17 CEST 2000

You might want to send them (Gadfly) and e-mail. Version 2 should be coming
out sometime soon and it may fit the bill for you.


Chris Armstrong <punck at> wrote in message
news:gInU4.251$3%6.1530 at
> Hi all. I'm looking for a local file database (ie, no server like mysql or
pgresql) that
> is safe with threads. I've looked into gadfly, but it says that it's not
really safe to do
> concurrent writes to the same database in multiple threads. Does anyone
> any experience with this? I want to make the install of my program as
> as possible, and don't want to require the installation of MySQL or
> like that, and I don't really need a high-end database. Any suggestions?
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