Python, Palm, on Windows

Ben Darnell bgdarnel at
Tue May 9 05:22:52 CEST 2000

In article <koKR4.937$Xl.71947 at>, Tom Vrankar wrote:
>I'm working my way up to programming on the Palm platform by leveraging Python 
>to prepare data on the desktop (just figured out how to manipulate the 
>Windows registry to "install" files). I'm now up the point where I want to be 
>able to operate on data inside a Palm via a PC's serial port (for example, to 
>use my Windows PC at the office to add and extract individual files, er, 
>databases, without a full-blown HotSync).

You can do this much with just pilot-link (use os.system or friends if
you want to do it in Python).  Windows binaries are available at

>I've read about pilot-link and pyrite. I'd like to try them but haven't found 
>any Windows-binaries of the core. Anyone know a site where I can get it (and 
>odds that it'll be recompiled for use with python1.6)?

You'll need Pyrite if you want to operate on anything smaller than a
database.  Unforch, there are no Windows binaries of Pyrite.  I tried
compiling it using the instructions at
but it didn't work.  It looks like you need MSVC and/or more Windows
coding experience (or maybe just more persistence/stubbornness) 
than I have to get it to work.  It shouldn't be that hard for someone
who know's what he's doing, since pilot-link is already ported.  


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