Damnation! (was: Re: Python3k extended grammar)

Russell Wallace rwallace at esatclear.ie
Mon May 22 08:21:41 CEST 2000

François Pinard wrote:
> Someone suggested that the colon be added by the editor as a typing aid.
> But I guess that if the dislike is for the syntax, it would not help.  Sigh!

It'd help; I'd prefer the syntax to omit the colon, but if I didn't trip
over forgetting to put it in, that'd solve more than half the problem
for me.  I use Brief which predates Python by a long way if I'm not
mistaken :)  It does have an Elisp-style extension language that I never
got around to doing anything with because it otherwise does pretty much
everything I want out of the box, but maybe I'll look into an auto-colon

Incidentally, let me remark as a Python newbie on a pleasant surprise. 
I saw a notice in a bar once: "No talk of religion or politics" - it
should have said "religion, politics or programming languages" - this is
the sort of discussion that in most language newsgroups would have the
participants casting aspersions on each others' ancestry in 20 messages
and invoking Godwin's law in 40.  I'm quite astonished at the quality
and civility of comp.lang.python.

"To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem."
Russell Wallace
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