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On Fri, 19 May 2000 04:10:33 -0400, "Tim Peters"
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>> Is this secure on any level?
>MD5 is still widely thought to be secure, although Nagging Doubts Have Been
>Raised.  The biggest risk with any password scheme is that people tend to
>pick easily-guessed passwords, and IMO that swamps the risk due to MD5.  sha

Thanks for the answer I think I understand. The random string will not
add to the security, because it's easy to retrieve the data from the
python byte-code.

And the md5.digest() will not be any more secure for a long password
than for a short one. the only difference is that with a brute force
attach the short one will probably occur earlier.

Since this application isn't aimed at an audience of cypherpunks or
similar I will just use the simple:

// Anders

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