Advice on giving a python course

Joe Kraska jkraska at
Wed May 3 20:58:16 EDT 2000

>def get_description(self, observer):
>    if is car:
>        return car.interior
>    else:
>        return car.exterior

(defun get-decription (self observer)
	(let ((car (car self)))
		(if (eq (place observer) car)
			(interior car)
			(exterior car))))

>Remember I'm talking about programming languages for children, not
>computer scientists :-) 

Well, to be fair, I knew that. I was just pointing out that
your error at the time was that had you been able to get
past the learning curve, you would have been swamped in
productivity. Little kids in particular wouldn't grok Lisp,
I think. Kids have trouble with symbols, IMO. Python's a
much better choice, and probably a very good language to
learn in (and get spoiled by) indeed.

>Lisp is very cool, and if a worthwhile
>implementation existed, I'd probably use it more.

ACL's pretty good, but you'd have to be either rich
or a financial masochist to use it for personal purposes.


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