Python 1.6a2 -- patch for urllib https POST support

Paul Schreiber cheesefactory at
Wed May 24 13:27:12 EDT 2000

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at wrote:

>I assume this is against 1.6a2?  A similar fix was checked in to the
>CVS a little while ago, so it should be OK in 1.6a3.  (You may want to
>check your code against the CVS version; perhaps there's some
>oversight in the CVS version that needs to be fixed.)

Yeah, I noticed that *after* I mailed the list ... I hadn't thought to check
the CVS version. Ah, well.

I do have a completed fix for Basic Auth with https, and I'm working on a fix
for special characters inside the userid/passwords.


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