lambda versus "mlambda"...

Courageous jkraska1 at
Thu May 11 01:26:40 EDT 2000

[mini closure on lambda]

> Yes, exactly.
> Do that enough, and you get used to it.  It's part of why there isn't
> all that much clamoring for full closures.

Oh, I'll get used to it pretty quickly. As for full closures, I'd
think that the additional complexity that I would presume that
it would add to the interpreter in order to create arbitrary
lexical scopes wouldn't be worth the effort. Closures are cool
and all that, but usually you just want a couple of variables
bound to the space you're in. This does the trick quite nicely.

Is there a Python 2.X wish list out there, BTW? I'd like to see
where the language is heading.


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