Newbie question - TclError

Simon Brunning sbrunning at
Mon May 15 08:24:32 EDT 2000

I've been looking at the 'Getting started with Python' article at
_p.html>), and I'm having a problem getting one of the examples
( working. The code is as follows:

from Tkinter import *
from math import *

def evaluate(event):
        label['text'] = "Result:  " + str(eval(expression.get()))

frame = Frame(None)

entry = Entry(frame)
entry['textvariable'] = expression = StringVar()
entry.bind("", evaluate)

label = Label(frame)

button = Button(frame, text = "Submit", command = evaluate)


I'm getting the error message 'TclError: no events specified in
binding'. I've had a hunt round the documentation - if there is an
answer in there, *I* can't find it.

Anyone going to take pity on a frustrated newbie?

Simon Brunning
TriSystems Ltd.
sbrunning at
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