embedding pythonwin into mfc app

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat May 6 01:13:01 EDT 2000

"sue" <smalleys at gte.net> wrote in message
news:39138875.944C0FEB at gte.net...
> How do you turn off SWIG pointers?

I "turned them off" simply by #ifdef in out all the support code (in
ptrlang.i, or python.swg - can't recall.  Then, your code is generated
almost the same, but any calls to the pointer helper routines give compile
errors - ie, SWIG still attempts to generate support for the pointers, but
the compile fails.

You prevent SWIG from attempting to use pointers in the first place by
using typemaps - see the SWIG docs.


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