Irix 6.5, gcc 2.95.2, readline and control-C problem

Harry George hgg9140 at
Sat May 6 21:02:49 EDT 2000

Is it strictly gcc 2.95.2?  I have Python 1.5.2 on IRIX 6.5 as n32, but built
with SGI's cc.  Didn't have readline at the time, but was intending to
recompile with it.  Is it readline itself or the compiler?  Anyone know?

"Andrew Dalke" <dalke at> writes:

> George White asked:
> >Does anyone have readline working for n32 python on Irix 6.5?
> I never did get that fixed.  It only occurs for me when I ^C
> during readline (as compared to when a Python program is running),
> so I got into the habit of not doing that.
>                     Andrew

Harry George
hgg9140 at

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