Using Fnorb with JPython & Orbix

Gary D. Duzan gduzan at
Wed May 3 17:48:11 CEST 2000

   I don't believe this combination will work for you. Last I checked,
Fnorb's IDL parser and GIOP engine were implemented as C extension
modules, which JPython isn't going to like. If you can use CPython,
that should be fine. Or you could try making calls out to Java stubs
generated by Orbix (or some other Java ORB) from JPython.

					Gary Duzan
					GTE Laboratories

Vaughan Jackson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am investigating making changes to a pre-existing Orbix CORBA
> service. I would like to be able to prototype these changes as quickly
> as possible.
> I was toying with the idea of using fnorb with JPython to give me
> a simple CORBA servient with some kind of GUI. This GUI servient
> should be able to talk with the pre-existing Orbix CORBA service.
> Anyone tried these combinations of tools?
> Thanks,
> Vaughan.
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