Java vs Python

Darrell Gallion darrell at
Fri May 19 01:35:14 EDT 2000

"JRHoldem" wrote:
> I'll never forget the time
> we got the guy from NetDynamics ($300/hr) who came in and
> totally infused our code. It was enlightening...

 In the bad old days I was the C++ expert on a large project or two. Keeping
a large team from generating some very bad C++ takes some effort. I'm
guessing that this applies somewhat to Java as well. The Python projects
I've been on just don't have these problems on the same scale, at all.

With Python, I'm more limited by my ability to comprehend the problem domain
than anything else.

Also if your application relies heavily on builtins it will be much faster
that the Java equivalent. Byte codes vs "C"

--Darrell Gallion

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