Stand-alone Python Apps?

Nathan Gundlach dagchess at
Mon May 15 21:00:50 EDT 2000

One more question. Will I be able to compile Tkinter or wxPython code into
my Python apps?

Benjamin Schollnick wrote in message ...
>On Sun, 15 May 3900 13:03:37, Glyph Lefkowitz
><glyph at> wrote:
>The Macintosh version of Python (MacPython), includes a
>"Make Applet", and "Make Program?" utility which will
>bundle everything you need into one program.
>It'll be large, but it's everything.  You don't even need
>python installed once you have that.
>On the PC Side is "Installer", I don't recall the name of the
>author off the top of my head, but it does the "rough"
>equivalent for the PC Side.
>I use installer a bit at work, since my boss doesn't want
>my python software requiring python to be on the machine.
>For Linux/*Nix, no idea.
> - Benjamin
>> "Nathan Gundlach" <dagchess at> writes:
>> > Thanks a bunch! I'll look into this. If it's as good as it sounds, it's
>> > great. Maybe I should clarify exactly what I mean by "stand-alone." All
>> > want to create is a simple program with a GUI that does not require
>> > Python be installed on my end user's computer.
>> The problem with this, as it seems to me, is that Python *must* be
>> installed on the end-user's computer.  The best you can do is hide the
>> fact that it is from them.  If you use a tool which "bundles up" your
>> whole application into one big .EXE, or whatever, you are going to
>> need to put the interpreter into that EXE.  Whereas, if you get them
>> to install the interpreter once, they can download newer versions of
>> your app in 500k instead of 5M.
>> not-sure-how-you-explain-that-to-the-end-user-though-ly y'rs,
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