Python with thread support?????????

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Sun May 21 18:10:04 EDT 2000

On Sun, May 21, 2000 at 06:53:31PM +0000, zambak wrote:
> I have tried to compile Python --with-thread support but I was
> unsuccessful...Compile goes fine but linkage fails....
> I have tried this on Linux (RedHat 6.2 with gcc) and on AIX (v4.3.3.0
> with C for AIX v4.4) with no sucess....

Try explaining the problem. Did you have a thread library available ? (Is
there a '' or some such available, on your Linux system ? I'm
not sure what the AIX threading lib is called, possibly the same.) What goes
wrong with linking, does it complain about a library it can't find ? About a
symbol it can't resolve ? About 'no space left on device' ? It can be
anything, you see ;-P

> After further investigation I think that python will only work with
> Sjorg portable C Thread lib.....That's what I read in
> /Modules/threadmodule.c

> Now is this true and if it is where can I get this trhead
> library????????????

It's 'Sjoerd', not 'Sjorg'. I'm not sure what the remark is about, but it
could be an ancient relic from Way Back... Sjoerd is a dutch name, after all
;) As far as I know, you do not need a specific third party library to build
Python with threads, but you *do* need threads native on your system. Linux
has native threads, installed by default, and I would be suprised if AIX
didn't have them -- but you might have to install them seperately ?

> Where can I get some info on compiling Python with threads also???

All the information you need is in the README. It basically goes like this:

make distclean # necessary if you already configured this tree before.
./configure --with-threads #--prefix=etc
make test
make install

You can edit 'Modules/Setup' (after you copy Modules/ to Setup),
between the 'configure' and 'make', if you wish to include/exclude some
modules. (Highly recommended, if only to turn on shared modules.)

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