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>> highlighted source
>> Hi All--
>> Mike Steed wrote:
>> > 
>> [snip]
>> > This is probably not what you were thinking of, but Vim can 
>> > do this.  Open your file and choose Syntax->Convert to HTML.
>> > The output is an HTML-ized version of your file with whatever
>> > syntax highlighting you have defined.
>> I didn't know you could do this.  This is really cool, but be warned
>> that it does not expand tabs into spaces, so the html version may
>> *still* not look exactly like you want. ...
>Hmm, maybe in an older version.  The script (syntax/2html.vim) that comes
>with Vim 5.6 converts tabs to spaces according to your current 'tabstop'

Just when I think Vim has no more surprises for me:)

(Jim, who just wishes Vim used python as a macro language.)

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