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Lyle Johnson wrote:

> Bonk! Wrong answer. To quote the FAQ, it is developed under Linux but runs
> under Unix, DOS, Windows, MacOS, BeOS, Amiga, Acorn Risc OS (???) and OS/2.

"Acorn RISC OS" is the operating system used by a range of
ARM-based desktop machines made by Acorn Computers Ltd (who
no longer exist, having been bought). The ARM processor
was developed by Acorn (the "A" in the name originally
stood for "Acorn", not "Advanced"), and when it first
appeared it was terribly impressive.

RISC OS is a rather quirky operating system-cum-GUI. The
OS itself has some neat features but is on the whole
pretty lame. The GUI is excellent. There are some
startlingly good applications. Be all that as it may,
the platform is clearly doomed. It's been a tiny minority
for ages, except in schools in the UK (where it's fast
disappearing now).

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