Databases supported by Python

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Nov 12 21:23:47 CET 2000

<tbz11 at> wrote in message news:8umjn8$3ol$1 at
> Hi all,
> I'm just starting to use Python and I need to
> know if Python supports MS-SQL server or
> Microsoft's Access. I couldn't find any records
> of these DataBases in Python documentation.

With either mxODBC (a module you can download
separately), or ADO (part of Microsoft's UDA pack,
which you can download from the MS site at need;
but it normally comes with all of MS's data products)
to which you connect via COM of course (COM is
supported as part of the win32all add-on package,
which is also built-into the ActiveState distribution
if you prefer that).  My preference is for ADO (with
the newest Jet, it works far better than ODBC, for
example).  No doubt other solutions also exist (e.g,
COM-based, you could use the old RDO objects --
but there is no reason to, ADO  is really better).

This is not mentioned in the Python docs because
it's not part of the standard Python distribution; the
support is obtained through a choice of excellent
add-on packages.


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