new-b: Hide command window in wx?

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1)  If you use PySimpleApp, then the GUI wxPython command output window is
not created.
2)  If you are talking about the standard Windows command prompt, rename
your main script to myscript.pyw (.pyw being the key), this will use
pythonw.exe instead of python.exe, so you don't get the command prompt
window.  Idle uses the same mechanism, incidentally.


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I am writting a little utility using wxPython.  I can't seem to find a
way to start the app without an adjacent command window.  Even the demo
has it, so I fear that it is not possible.  Is this true.  If so would
it be possible to have the command window minimize itself while the
main app window runs normal. (Ah! now you know I'm in Win shhh...:).
Any way, I see that the Python IDLE is written with TKinter and it
doesn't show an adjacent command window.  Should I look into Tk instead
for something like this?  Thanks for any advice.


PS.  I hope this is not a double post.

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