ANN: wxDesigner 1.3 commercial RAD tool

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Thu Nov 23 19:53:59 CET 2000


wxDesigner is a dialog editor and RAD tool for the wxWindows
C++ library and its Python wrapper wxPython. It allows its
users to visually create dialogs using a simple point and click
interface as well as add new classes, handlers and getters to
these dialogs. The output produced by wxDesigner can be either
of C++ code, Python code or XML, making co-development with
wxWindows and wxPython much easier than before.

New in version 1.3 is a simple AppWizard to quickly create new
projects, support for gettext translation, support for fonts,
colours and disabling of controls as well as for using derived
(custom) window classes within wxDesigner.

wxDesigner is available for Windows and Linux - if there is any
interest in versions for other Unix-variants, please let me know.
A singler-user licence costs $69, the student version $19, owners
of a wxDesigner 1.X licence can upgrade at no cost.

More information is available from:

For more information about wxWindows and wxPython, visit the
respective sites at:


  Robert Roebling

Robert Roebling, MD <robert at>

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